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Canberra Branch eNews

Monday, 08 Jul 2013

Canberra Branch e-News

• ACS 2013 Annual Canberra Branch Conference
• Next Branch forum
• Telecommunication SIG in 2013

ACS 2013 Annual Canberra Branch Conference

The theme of the ACS 2013 Canberra Branch conference, ICT Shaping our World, reflects on the achievements of the ICT industry over the last 50 years of the society and the impact of ICT on how we live work and play.

In Canberra’s Centenary year the conference program will run distinct streams which address the individual endeavours of ICT professionals and the aspirations of the broader ICT industry: 

• ‘Our World – innovation, trends, issues, how ICT is shaping business, government, society and culture
• ‘Your World’ –  focusing on individual mastery within the ICT profession – from high school through university and professional development and career management, networking, national and international opportunities
• Informing Our World – The IIM Conference 2103 – Information drives innovation and change.  How are we growing in our understanding of the value of Information, its management and use and the transformation of information into knowledge in support of innovation
• Governing Our World – how is our world changing and what does this mean for how we manage governance and risk?  From security and risk management through to issues with how we deliver solutions – innovation requires change in our proven approaches.

ICT Shaping our World will be the opportunity in 2013 for industry vendors to showcase their services and products to ICT professionals and decision makers who work in business, local and Federal Government in the Canberra region.

When:  Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Where:  Old Parliament House, King George Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600

For Conference Sponsorship packages, please contact Canberra Branch on 02 6230 1588 or via email

September Branch Forum

Bigger than big data – the real trends reshaping IT in Canberra

As ICT professionals, we are focused on tracking technical transformations driven by exciting global innovations, such as big data or the cloud. However, other emerging factors may play a more significant role in reshaping the Australian Government IT sector in the foreseeable future.

This session will explore critical developments in the local environment and consider what the likely trends mean for the Canberra IT sector, your employers and clients, and most importantly, for you.

Telecommunication SIG in 2013

The Telecommunications Special Interest Group (Telecommunications Society of Australia) enjoyed an intriguing presentation from Mr Chris Taylor, Area General Manager, Telstra Countrywide, on Tuesday 30th July.  Canberra’s Centenary year also marks 100 years of continuous telecommunications service to Canberra by Telstra and its forebears.  To mark the Centenary, Telstra has opened up its history vault in a special project involving local schools.

Chris shared fascinating stories about early telecommunications service provision in Canberra.  They included the snippet that, when Ainslie exchange was opened in 1914, there were two customers (referred to in those days as “subscribers”) connected to the exchange.  Chris also recounted that Prime Minister Ben Chifley had two telephones on his desk, one of which had a number very similar to the local butcher in Manuka.  Each week, the Prime Minister would receive a call from an elderly lady wishing to place her meat order.  Mr Chifley would take a note of her order, and make sure that it was conveyed to the Manuka butcher. 

Chris’ presentation was also forward looking, and covered Telstra’s participation in the NBN, and the future direction of 4G.