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SmartStartCity : Profitable Entrepreneurship for the Greater Good

Friday, 05 Jul 2013

Have you ever thought about starting a business? Or perhaps you’ve successfully launched and are ready to take it to the next level?  If this resonates with you, SmartStartCity may well be of interest. 

SmartStartCity is an entrepreneurial program designed to help start-ups create profitable new business models that address urban challenges identified by the City of Melbourne. 

The concept is simple.  We are bringing together…

  • great data from a variety of sources, made available within strict privacy guidelines
  • a range of great problems which are validated, valued and real. A great place to start and of course these may be refined along the way
  • a proven process of business creation used at Melbourne Business School and the University of Melbourne
  • a great mix of mentors, location, internet access and coffee!
  • warm access to the organisations who are participating in the program. These organisations represent sources of further data and possible channels to market
  • a collaborative energy with like-minded entrepreneurs working to do something truly innovative in every sense

So that you may gain…

  • a significant increase in your chances of a successful start-up
  • access to market validated problems that have a known value to solve
  • access to a unique data set to power your start up with a competitive advantage
  • a warm introduction into the entrepreneurial eco system

And if you have a strong technical skill set, don’t worry – we expect university based MBA entrepreneurs in the room who bring a strong commercial perspective.

The Australian Computer Society (Victoria) is pleased to support Melbourne’s SmartStartCity initiative which will be launched by Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle on Monday, 22nd July 2013.

To register your attendance at the launch event or for more information visit