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ACS Congratulates Victorian Government on launch of eServices Register

Thursday, 04 Jul 2013

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) congratulates the Victorian Government, and in particular, the Minister for Technology, The Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips, on the launch of the Victorian State Government’s eServices Register.

Mr Rich-Phillips said the new eServices Register will replace the eServices Panel to enhance greater market competition and increase innovation and productivity through more efficient processes. The eServices Register is designed to reduce barriers to entry for organisations seeking to win government contracts and is mandated for use by all government departments and agencies.

The ACS likewise applauds the direction given by Grantly Mailes, Victorian Government Chief Technology Advocate, also speaking at the launch, who asked all Victorian Government CIOs to consider including at least one SME or other suitably qualified but low-profile organisation in any future shortlist of competitors. This direction, in conjunction with VIPP, should result in a greater allocation of work given to Victorian ICT contractors and similar professionals. The ACS, as the leading Australian organisation representing ICT professionals, considers that this measure will directly result in the growth of Victorian companies employing ICT professionals.

Ian Dennis, Chairman of ACS Victoria, said “This is a well thought out approach to some of the restrictive practices that have diminished the quality of ICT Government purchasing. The Government still, however, needs to more effectively address the issue of its continued practice of not requiring that ICT project managers and project directors be qualified and certified in the ICT discipline"