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The Effects of Virtual Management on Employee Behaviour in Small and Medium-sized-Preliminary Survey

Friday, 21 Jun 2013

A research candidate at the University of Western Sydney and a member of ACS Walied Askarzai in collaboration with his supervisors, Associate Professor Yi-Chen Lan and Dr Bhuvan Unhelkar, is conducting a research on the effects of Virtual Management (definition is provided below) on employee behaviour in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises as part of his doctoral research at the University of Western Sydney. 

This preliminary survey - which will take as little as 2 minutes of your precious time - is a part of his data collection for this research. The aims and details of this study are available once you open the link below. Please note that the survey is voluntary and your confidentiality is assured (University of Western Sydney - approval # H10079). 

Amongst the many benefits of your participation, a key one is that you will receive a final research report, which may be adopted as guidelines for a successful virtual management in your organisations.

Thanking you in anticipation of participating in this research.

Please open the following link to enter the survey

Virtual Management refers to a combined team of geographically and time dispersed virtual employees who are coordinated and organised with electronic information and communication technologies in order to achieve organisational objectives.