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Canberra Initiated Social Research Relevant Globally

Monday, 17 Jun 2013

Research commissioned by the ACS and conducted by the University of Canberra released last week has been reported in media across the world.

The research looks into teenagers perceptions of ICT as a potential future career and also how they use 'digital media' at home. Results show that most teenagers want to have a career that is interesting, well paid, and 'that will make a difference', but they do not perceive that ICT may satisfy these aspirations.

Jeff Mitchell, Canberra ACS Vice Chairman and National Director of Community Engagement who sponsored the research, said 'the findings are important if Australia is to grow national ITC skills expertise and capability, and are particularly relevant to secondary school ICT curricula design, ICT teacher training and curricula delivery'.

Aspects of the research also indicate how teenagers use technology at home and these results have surprisingly shown that kids value time with family over being 'online on Facebook'. 

Mitchell said, 'this aspect of the research is particularly relevant to parents and the broader community on an international level as seen by its reporting in Australian and international press'. 'The survey has been quoted in Korean, Indian, Indonesian and UK media, not to mention saturation coverage in Australian newspapers last week. Local bloggers the Riot Act commented on the research, which was then retweeted on Channel 7's The Project'. 'This shows that the ACS is relevant not just for ICT professionals, but as an organisation we are very relevant to how people live work and play'.

The 'Digital Media Use in Australian Teenagers'  research was conducted by Dr Karen Macpherson of the University of Canberra Education Institute and can be found by click on the link here

ACS members interested in attending a presentation of research findings should contact the ACS Canberra Office on