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ACS Week in Review: 24 May 2013

Friday, 24 May 2013

There are just two weeks left to complete the 2013 ACS remuneration and employment survey. Completing it will allow the ACS, on your behalf, to argue for government and Industry to better recognise our profession. Please support us to support you – you can even win an iPad Mini!

ACS members attending CeBIT in Sydney next week can claim CPD Hours by coming to the ACS stand. See you there. Details at

From unemployed to back in the game
With the job market sitting in a ditch, the days when a technology professional could leave a job in the morning and have another lined up by nightfall seem long ago.

The ACS last week launched a support group for Queenslanders who have been laid off. 'Inspiring Your Next Career' is a six-week pilot networking program beginning in June.

Online passwords the focus for National Cyber Security Awareness

The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, released new research at the launch of National Cyber Security Awareness Week 2013 that shows two in three Australians don’t change their online passwords as often as they should.

Australian government quietly ends laptops in schools program
The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations has confirmed that year 9 to year 12 students in 2013 will be the last to receive laptops under the current scheme.

Yahoo and Google roll out new features amid internet battle
Youth and reinvigorated revenue it’s the mantra at the reborn Yahoo, a corporation that has lacked direction and vitality but is reinventing itself to attract millions of new, mostly youthful followers – fresh fodder for its advertises and subsequent income.

Google also revealed a controversial new service within Gmail. Soon you will be able to email money from your bank and credit cards linked to Google Wallet in just three clicks, in the same way you would send an attachment.

CIOs: innovation? What innovation?
New survey of 2,000 chief information officers finds widespread inability to innovate; and a lot of concern about finding and retaining skills. Top recruiting target: enterprise architects.

Dumped mandatory ISP filter to save $4.5m
The axing of Stephen Conroy's other pet project, the controversial mandatory internet filtering scheme, will save the government more than $4 million.

According to Budget 2013 papers, the government will achieve savings of $4.5m over three years by not proceeding with mandatory filtering legislation, a move announced in November. The plan would have forced ISPs to filter web pages that contain refused classification-rated content based on a government blacklist.