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ACS Week in Review: 10 May 2013

Friday, 10 May 2013

ACS members are urged to support the ACS by completing our annual online survey on employment conditions in the sector.  The ACS uses this input to go directly to government, policy makers and industry leaders to improve the profession of ICT.  It only takes a few minutes and you can win an iPad mini.

All ACS members are also encouraged to help us fix the way ICT is taught in high schools. It is boring, it turns students off, it does not show ICT as a creative and exciting career and it is contributing to major structural problems in our economy and society. Tell the government you want a greater focus of ICT in high schools by simply visiting this petition. . While you are there you can like or share the comments made by ACS’ own Adam Redman. 

ACS to help redundant staff in Queensland
ACS Queensland Chair Chris Bridge, was in the media this week announcing the pilot of a six-week course for redundant ICT staff in Queensland. This program is a direct result of member feedback and is structured to help displaced ICT staff find work. and,acs-reaches-out-to-retrenched-it-workers.aspx

ACS urges policy makers to address gender diversity issues
The good work of ACS Women and ACS research continues to be noted by media and government with our research regularly, and prominently, noted in media commentary even when the media story is not about the ACS as such.

ACS President warns government and industry of the need for certification
The ACS column in the Australian newspaper this week highlighted the increasing severity of risk to our economy and society in our digital age. We expect our medical and legal professionals to be accredited and registered but why don’t we expect our ICT professionals to provide the same level of assurance.

You’re not as progressive as you think you are, Australia
The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) released their election wish list for 2013. It is not surprising that there are many areas of alignment with the ACS because ACS public policy and research is heavily referenced in the AIIA document.  The ACS has used member feedback to create the ACS wish list for the election and will be announcing this in coming weeks following the Federal Budget. The ACS will be hosting a table at the National Press Club nationally televised budget address by Wayne Swan on the 15th of May. Included on our guest list are a number of senior Government advisers.

Australian Google office building hacked
The need for ICT professionalism was highlighted again when it was revealed a building control system for one of Google's offices in Sydney was hacked by two IT security researchers who say hundreds more in Australia are also accessible via the internet.  The user name for the system was “Admin” and the password was “anyonesguess”