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ACS employment survey: Please Support the ACS and your profession

Tuesday, 07 May 2013

If you can take a few minutes to complete the annual ACS employment survey you will be supporting the ACS improve conditions for the ICT sector and for the future of the ICT profession – you can even win an iPad mini.
The ACS will use your anonymous survey responses to engage directly with Government Ministers and their advisors, Departmental Heads and staff, Industry leaders and educators to raise the profile and importance of our profession and put right in front of them the reality of our everyday work.
There are many reports each year on ICT employment conditions and benefits but unlike the ACS they are based on recruiter, employer or vendor feedback. The ACS survey is the only survey of its kind in Australia, providing independent and unbiased advice to policy makers.
Please support us support you. The link to the survey is here:
The survey results will be available to all members in July and we will use these results to campaign for you in the upcoming Federal election.
If you have any questions regarding the survey contact


Alan Patterson, ACS CEO
Australian Computer Society