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ACS Week in Review: 12 April 2013

Friday, 12 Apr 2013

Reports out this week

ACS in the news

  • Massive energy cost hidden in the cloud
    Ground-breaking Australian research shows public debate has missed the point on making cloud services more energy efficient. Research commissioned by the Australian Computer Society in 2010 found that IT is responsible for 2.7% of Australia’s energy consumption, and 7.1% of Australia’s electricity consumption.

Articles of Interest

  • Turnbull rejects fears of high regional NBN prices
    Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull has dismissed concerns that the Coalition’s rival broadband plan would result in higher prices for regional customers, saying broadband services would be cheaper everywhere than they would under Labor.
  • Australia’s ranking falls in global IT survey
    In the 2013 Global Information Technology survey, produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and released on Thursday morning, Australia ranked 18th of 144 nations, down one spot from the previous year and from ninth place in 2004.
  • Stoner pushes collaboration for innovation in NSW
    The NSW government has launched its $6.7 million Innovate NSW initiative, providing grants and other support to startups. The initiative is part of the NSW government’s response to a September industry action plan on the digital economy.
  • CSIRO to revolutionise wireless speed
    An Australian breakthrough in the wireless technologies underpinning many modern mobile networks could see speeds increase fivefold or more in the near future.

Government and Opposition Announcements