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A Day of Manifestation - Workshop for Women - Bring a Friend for Free!

Friday, 12 Apr 2013

Are you living the EXACT life of your dreams right NOW?

If not then this unique event is for you. Saturday May 4th from 10am-4pm "A Day of Manifestation"

Come join Pam, Kim and Lynda at the Balgowlah RSL.

ACSW member Pam Caldwell and her Circle of Friends community helps people to become deliberate creators of their destiny and strive towards living the life of their dreams.

This event brings together 3 Experts in the field of Manifestation, Pam herself,  Kim Serafini founder of the IamGr8ful Club and a best-selling author and international speaker and Success Women's own Lynda Dyer who is also an international speaker, author and NLP Master Practitioner and was one of the 58 people filmed for "The Secret".

This Event will benefit your life by making you : 

  • Feel energized to face today's challenges more easily & quickly
  • Determine what's most important for you to focus on
  • Gather the insights that allow you to unlock the 'mysteries of manifestation'
  • Enjoy some great stories about synchronicity that will address most of the issues that cynics and skeptics have
  • Walk away with information to help inspire others
  • Learn new strategies on how to be "in flow" with the Universe so manifestion happens effortlessy for you.


Kim will impart on you her Top 10 Secrets she has learned about living a life that you truly love.

Pam will take you through her Dare to Dream Vision Boarding Workshop AND

Lynda will share you you how you can release any "blocks" that may be stopping you from moving forward on your journey towards your dream life.

To Register for this very special event and avail of the "Bring a Friend for Free" offer please click on the below link