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Call for IT Professionals to assist Students in University Project Project

Friday, 05 Apr 2013

IT students at Victoria University and the University of Ballarat are on a mission.  The mission is to learn from practicing IT professionals about the relevance of the ACS Code of Professional Conduct and its application in facing problems and tackling privacy, security and ethical issues in the workplace.

Student Teams comprising students from both Universities (maximum of 5 students) are looking to interview IT managers at their convenience. Students will ask to be told of instances where past decisions were influenced by business and ethical considerations.  The interviews are expected to be less than 30 minutes and occur sometime in early May.

It is important that aspiring IT professionals learn from your experiences and the knowledge you can impart.

If you are willing to be interviewed by a student team (either in your workplace or virtually), please send your contact details to the coordinating lecturer, Anne Venables (Victoria University), or phone (03) 9919 5209.