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ACS Week in Review: 22 March 2013

Friday, 22 Mar 2013

Reports out this week

  • Big data Strategy Issues Paper
    AGIMO’s CIO Glenn Archer has released an issues paper on big data. It’s available from the AGIMO blog. All ACS members are encouraged to read the issues paper and respond. The ACS will also be making a response. In May AGIMO are expected to release a Big Data Strategy. Let’s support AGIMO and contribute to this important policy discussion.

ACS in the news

  • ACS secures $20m of cover for young tech and entrepreneurs to ‘go global’
    The Australian Computer Society today announced a strategic alliance with OAMPS Insurance Brokers, designed to support and encourage young Information and Communication Technology entrepreneurs.
  • Reliance on 457 visa staff small but critical
    The ACS President, Dr Nick Tate injected some sense into this week’s 457 visa debate in a column in The Australian.
  • It’s all about sex; or is it?
    From April this year, companies employing 100 or more will have to account for how much women earn compared to male colleagues and what sort of flexible working arrangements they provide.

    A report from the Australian Computer Society to the government last year found the number of students obtaining IT qualifications in public education between 2002 and 2010 fell from 74,000 to 46,000. University enrolments in IT courses were in decline across the major states. A recent survey by the Australian Human Resources Institute put staff turnover in IT at 20.6 per cent. That compares with 18.5 per cent across all industries.

Articles of Interest

  • Australian government grants for startups: Is it really so hard?Commercialisation Australia (CA) is one of the Federal government's initiatives to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses and is better known for its Early Stage Commercialisation grant.
  • NBN Co to confirm reduced target today
    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has confirmed NBN Co will provide updated figures on its delayed rollout by Thursday 21 March afternoon. The minister asked NBN Co for a full assessment of their progress towards their June 30, 2013 deployment targets.
  • Ultimatum to get NBN back on track
    It is understood contractors including Transfield, Silcar, Syntheo and Leighton Holdings subsidiary Visionstream, are renegotiating ways of meeting targets in robust discussion with NBN Co as the government monopoly attempts to meet a critical June 30 deadline of installing fibre in 286,000 homes and businesses.

  • Conroy media reforms could harm Internet investment: IIA
    According to the Internet Industry Association (IIA), the public interest test to be applied by the proposed Public Interest Media Advocate, which has been likened to a government appointed media czar, could suppress incentives for the development of new on-line media businesses in Australia.

Government and Opposition Announcements

  • Museum Robot to take our treasures Australia-wide
    The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy launched the CSIRO's Robot project, which will let children all over Australia use the power of broadband to visit the National Museum without leaving their classrooms.
  • Qld government seeks members for ICT services panel
    As part of its new ICT strategy, the Queensland government Chief Procurement Office (QGCPO) has issued an invitation to offer as it seeks suppliers for its ICT services panel, as part of its latest progress in rolling out a whole of government ICT strategy.
  • Carbon Tax Killing Aussie Jobs – Labour Still in Denial
    For companies which have exposure to energy, and other factors which are affected by the carbon tax in a significant way, the carbon tax and the costs related to it are having a significant impact on the ability of these companies to continue. Sophie Mirabella said since 2011, business has been warning that the carbon tax would cost jobs and has been ignored and at times ridiculed by this Government.