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Big Data 2013 Conference

Thursday, 21 Feb 2013

Big Data 2013 is following on from the success of HISA's Data Governance conferences of 2011 and 2012. Big Data 2013 is Australia's first Big Data in biomedicine and healthcare conference.

The conference will focus on issues around biomedical informatics, personalised medicine, health 2.0/participatory health, data governance, data analytics and healthier outcomes.

The main themes of the conference are:

1. New data sourcing: social media, genomics
2. Technology and algorithms: NLP, text analytics, data mining, etc
3. Applications: personalised medicine, clinical research, education
4. Ethical legal issues, quality, risk, allocation, governance

Big Data 2013 will introduce clinicians, healthcare executives and managers both clinical and non-clinical, data and information professionals, health and bio informaticians, health policy makers, and academics to the exploding world of BIG DATA.

Big data is currently a hot topic in health care and biomedical research. We recognise that it is an evolving area and that the name, definition and contents could represent different things for different groups of people.

The vast array of systems collecting data across the healthcare industry, and the increasing number of monitors and sensors of different kinds, mean that the industry will be increasingly awash with huge volumes of data.

How will you, your peers and your organisations take advantage of the many present and coming opportunities afforded by these large volumes of data?

Big Data 2013 is the place to come and hear about how to ride the data wave and not get wiped-out!

For more information and to register, please visit the Big Data 2013 website.