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March Branch Forum: Working from your desk is a great way to get outsourced

Friday, 08 Mar 2013

Given the right intervention, technical staff have great capacity to build stronger engagement skills. It is low-hanging fruit — the effectiveness of strong client engagement to supplement technology expertise.

Our presentation, "If you can do your job from your desk......", is aimed at ambitious and developing IT professionals — illustrating that if their role requires only technical expertise, then sooner or later someone will realise that skill is far cheaper overseas. To make their role more valuable and effective they need to engage with their stakeholders.

The presentation also has relevance for business managers by shedding light on an important, yet often overlooked, criteria of the off-shoring decision.

For example, too often business effectiveness is compromised by off-shoring roles that demand strong engagement with those stakeholders who remain at home. Achieving this is more about what to stop doing, rather than learning something new. 

In other cases, some organisations outsource technical processes because they are failing to provide effective value. Their argument is that by outsourcing technical processes they can at least reduce the cost. An alternative proposition might be to leave the cost the same, but become more effective and add greater value, by better engaging with the stakeholder and their requirements.

We discuss how to stop filtering out any chance of rapport with our clients and stakeholders, while highlighting the mistakes we make which cause us to be viewed as business servants, rather than business consultants.

By the end of the presentation you will clearly recognise what simple changes you can make to your role that will move it from being reactive with a long list of low-level tasks to complete, to one which is proactive with more time and opportunity to add value, contribute at a strategic level and gain recognition for your achievements.

Online registration is appreciated. To register, please click here.
Light refreshments will be provided after the forum.

Speaker: John Williams

John Williams

John started his IT career as a graduate in 1978 with British mainframe manufacturer, ICL.  Showing greater aptitude for client relationships than technical discipline, he gravitated towards sales support, then sales and account management. Looking after major local government accounts across Southern England, John enjoyed great success and was regularly rewarded with Achievers’ Club qualification and sales awards.

Moving to Melbourne in 1987, he managed a selection of state government and commercial accounts, and also spent time developing new business accounts.

Through the 1990's John spent time at Wang (office systems) and Oracle (database & applications) before joining KPMG Consulting as a director, managing the development of an SAP implementation practice, before becoming southern region sales director.

Early 2003 he took the big step of leaving his corporate career and starting his own business, JHW Pty Ltd) focussed on helping clients improve productivity by building strong business engagement.

Ten years on, JHW has delivered to clients in 12 countries across 5 continents, while enjoying long-term business relationships with companies such as NAB, ANZ, SAP, Infosys and Australia Post among others.