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Invitation to Public Launch of Singularity University (SU) Australian Global Impact Competition on Feb 21, 2013 at Royal Pines Resort, 5:$5 pm for 6 pm by David Roberts, Singularity University's VP and Director of Graduate Studies Program

Friday, 15 Feb 2013

Monthly Forum

The start to the year saw a good discussion on the impact and processes for managing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for government agencies. This is currently topical for many agencies and the increased use of personal devices for work and the issues of data security are as varied as the level of sensitivity of data.

Thank you to Danielle Reimet from Delv who provided feedback on broad trends on a variety of solutions being adopted around Canberra organisations.

As is often the case, a mixed solution can work best in the most complex environments. What is on offer and what are some of the strengths of each solution are of most interest.

Please look at the link to Danielle’s PowerPoint for at least an overview of what was discussed. This was however a Forum to attend if you needed to get more feedback.


NICTA Success on the Hill

Congratulations to the NICTA team for an excellent Techfest 2013 at Parliament House last week.

With an opening by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and Chief Scientist Ian Chubb, the event helped highlight the world class ideas and concepts in ICT researchers into practical demonstrations of prototypes or models.

The showcase of research in the ICT sphere saw displays on Bionic Eye’s, Big Data management tools, Crowdsourcing measures for cellular networks, disaster recovery in the public cloud, and simulation technology that adapts to the mental state of humans to name a few.

The ACS will continue to support the ongoing excellent work of NICTA and where there is relevance to our member base we will continue to engage with NICTA specialists to help showcase the leading edge thoughts and ideas of some of Australia’s brightest ICT practitioners.