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ACS Media Statement

Friday, 01 Feb 2013

In reaction to an article by Matt Barrie of, on

The Australian Computer Society would like to clarify some factual errors that appeared in a post by Matt Barrie on .

The focus of the post was on ICT education in Australia and in particular the future engagement of young people.

The ACS applauds Mr. Barrie’s passion for supporting ICT education in Australia, which is an area we have championed and advanced since our inception in 1966. We are open to constructive conversation with industry leaders around helping to inspire more young people to pursue careers in ICT.

However, we would like to clarify that the event in question was not an ACS event but was a forum hosted by NICTA and chaired by Simon Kaplan who works for NICTA and is also part of the AIIA in Queensland.

One ACS representative attended the meeting, Vice President Paul Bailes. Paul arrived to find the brochures and material already distributed.

Secondly, the documents that Mr. Barrie has posted on his article are not an Australian Computer Society brochure, but are documents belonging to the ACS Foundation, an independent foundation founded in 2001.

While the ACS Foundation evolved from the ACS over a decade ago, it is a legally separate stand-alone entity with its own board and governance structure and CEO and management team.

What the ACS Foundation, its board members or CEO publishes and says in the public domain is not controlled or authorized by the ACS. The ACS is proud to have a continuing association with the foundation and any Organisation seriously interested in the future of ICT in Australia

The ACS will continue to reach out to industry leaders and stakeholders including Mr. Barrie, and looks forward to constructive discussion and debate on how we can further promote ICT in Australia.

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