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ICT for Life Sciences Forum: Can we repair the human brain?

Thursday, 31 Jan 2013

Alcino J Silva will reveal the bold new world of brain repair.  He and his colleagues at the University of California, Los Angeles, have shown that the adult brain can be repaired.  Millions of people suffer from cognitive deficits associated with aging, learning disabilities, autism and schizophrenia.  But it's long been thought abnormalities in brain development are irreversible.  Dr Silva has broken that paradigm.  He says the adult brain is more plastic.  He and his colleagues are searching for molecular, cellular and circuit processes that underlie the encoding, allocation, storage and recall of information in the brain.  As a result of that work they have shown in animals that they can reverse the underlying molecular and cellular deficits in the brain leading to dramatic improvements in cognitive function.  Dr Silva will reveal our changing understanding of the working of the brain and explore the potential for new approaches to brain disorders and psychiatric disease.

About Alcino J. Silva
Alcino J. Silva pioneered the field of Molecular and Cellular Cognition, and in 2002 founder and became the first President of the Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society.  In 2006/2007 Dr. Silva served as Scientific Director of the Intramural Program of the National Institute of Mental Heatlh.  He currently serves as the Director of the UCLA Integrative Centre for Learning and Memory.  In recognition of his contributions to Molecular and Cellular Cognition, he was recently awarded the Portuguese National Order of Knighthood (Order of Prince Henry), and became a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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