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Upcoming Special Branch Forum feat. International Guest Speaker Ralph Hughes

Thursday, 17 Jan 2013

Accelerating BI/DW Value with Agile Methods: An Inside Look at Trends and Best Practices

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This event is proudly brought to you in Australia by C3 Business Solutions in conjunction with ACS Victoria.

Ceregenics’ Ralph Hughes, author of the ground breaking “Agile Data Warehousing” book series, will present the results of the first annual Agile Data Warehousing Adoption Survey, undertaken in collaboration with The Data Warehousing Institute. This research incorporates responses from over 350 companies whose experience with agile over the past decade ranges from pilot projects to dozens of rapidly delivered business intelligence systems.  The results provide strong evidence that agile data warehousing has arrived as a reliable solution to some of DW/BI’s greatest challenges.
The respondents’ answers supply important insights into topics such as which agile methods succeed best, the impact of off-shore resources on project outcomes, and the degree to which agile techniques improve programmer productivity, customer satisfaction, quality, and project costs.  Using the survey results as a baseline, Ralph will conclude this webinar with a sketch of where agile data warehousing is headed in the next ten years.
Anyone currently frustrated with the high cost and slow delivery pace of their DW/BI programs should be profoundly reassured by the results of the research Ralph will outline: agile data warehousing is now well defined, proven to work, and is a demonstrably better approach than traditional project management methods for companies both large and small.
For more information and to register for this event, please click here.

Please Note: This Special Branch Forum replaces the regular Forum in February. The next Branch Forum will be held on Wednesday 6th March 2013.