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ACS NSW presents: Are you CYBER ready?

Education Across the Nation (EdXN)

Registration End Date: Tue, 26 Jun, 11:59 AM

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  • Amora Hotel
    11 Jamison Street
    Sydney NSW 2000
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  • Event Start: Wed, 27 Jun, 05:30 PM
    Event Finish: Wed, 27 Jun, 07:30 PM
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<div> <div><img alt="User-added image" src=";feoid=00N9000000EVCh7&amp;refid=0EM90000000SfZc"></img><br><br>Today the world of IT is changing faster than ever. You might have a degree or two, but they are fast becoming irrelevant as the fabric of IT undergoes a rapid change like we&#39;ve never seen before.<br><br>Robotics, AI &amp; Machine Learning, Brainwear, Many kinds of Drones, Sensor tech Cloud Computing, Fog, IoT, Virtual and Mixed Reality and more - all these are coming into mainstream IT as they need their own Security, Data and Analytics, Management and deployment. This doesn&#39;t even include the changes in classic IT such as Open Networking, NetDevOps, Elastic Fabrics, Terabit Networking, LPWANs and the list goes on.<br><br>These are all going to impact the IT role you do today. The problem is that most IT degrees do not include these areas - even today, and if they do, it is only a light touch as the technology is still evolving.<br><br>So what do you do? Give up? Change careers? Well, you can, but you don&#39;t have to. With an understanding of the landscape, who is doing what, where it is all going and the options you have available to you to keep up to date, there no reason that capable IT Professionals can&#39;t surf the coming wave and even come out on top.<br><br><br><u><b>Agenda:</b></u><br><b>5.30pm - 6.00pm </b>- Registration &amp; Refreshments <br><b>6.00pm - 7.25pm</b> - Presentation <br><b>7.25pm - 8.00pm</b> - Networking &amp; Refreshments </div> </div>

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SFIA Category

Information security (SCTY) - 5

Skeeve Stevens

Skeeve Stevens


Skeeve is a Futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, technology architect, consultant and visionary in number of areas including: Futurism, Network Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure, Advisor in Future Technology Crime and Critical Infrastructure Protection, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, NFC/RFID, Personal/Commercial and Security Robotics, Smart Cities, Consumer Behaviour and Psychology, Trend Analysis and Technology based Neuroscience aka Brainwear.

Skeeve presently consults and provides professional services to Intelligence Agencies, State Police Forces, the Defence Department and Defence Contractors, Government Ministers and their advisors in Australia and several foreign countries.

Skeeve guest lectures on Cybersecurity, Technology Crime, Infrastructure Protection, 1st Principal Thinking and Inversion Thinking at multiple academic institutions in departments such as Computer Science, Political Science, Psychology and International Studies.

As it pertains to Network Infrastructure Skeeve's areas of specialty are: Elastic Fabric Infrastructure, Overlay Architecture, NFV - Network Function Virtualisation, Internet Service Provider networking and business, Network Infrastructure – ISP, Corporate, Cloud; Cloud Computing, Virtualisation; Wholesale ISP Services; Datacentre Security and Protection; Internet Governance & Policy; NBN; IPv6 Security, Deployment; Internet of Things – (IoT) industrial and home automation; RFID/NFC/Beacon Technology; Internet Peering Exchanges (IX's), Internet Governance and Policy

Skeeve was a triple Juniper JNCIP, but now prefers to focus his education in areas relation to Policing and Counter-Terrorism and Technology related risks.

Skeeve is a former Director of the Internet Society and former chair of APNIC Policy Committee. He has also represented Australia in Internet Governance issues and policy across the world. Skeeve is responsible for drafting, proposing and succeeding in the adoption of multiple policies regarding internet resources. He has spoken at events in over 20 countries and Internet Governance and Network Operator events such as AUSNOG, NZNOG, HKNOG, SGNOG, MYNOG, KHNOG, APNIC, APRICOT, Internet Society INET.

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Shanti Korporaal

Shanti Korporaal


Shanti Korporaal is also a Futurist, Virtual Reality Ambassador, Women in Tech Advocate, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Whisky Chick and most of all, lives for Lightbulb moments.

With her husband, Skeeve Stevens, she runs eight businesses with offices in two countries - Australia and Cambodia and staff in five. In life and in business they make a great team, Skeeve is the visionary and ideas and Shanti is the practical tactical, implementer.

Skeeve and Shanti Korporaal have recently opened the Future Faqtory in Sydney's CBD which is a venue for teaching and researching advanced technologies such as: Brainwear, SuperHuman Performance, AI/MI + IoT, Nootropics and Biohacking, Robotics and the fusion and innovation of those areas.

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11 Jamison Street,Sydney,NSW,Australia

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