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ACS Tech: Latest Developments in Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD WAN)

This event will look at common types of SD WANs and cover the latest developments.

Registration End Date: Wed, 19 Feb, 05:30 PM

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  • State Library of WA, Great Southern Room (Level 4)
    25 Francis Street
    Perth WA 6000
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  • Event Start: Wed, 19 Feb, 05:30 PM
    Event Finish: Wed, 19 Feb, 07:30 PM
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  • -

<b>REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED</b><br><br><img alt="SD WAN Pic" src=";feoid=00N9000000EVCh7&amp;refid=0EM0o000001g3Hg" style="height: 185px; width: 500px;"></img><br><br>SD-WAN is an acronym for software-defined networking in a wide area network (WAN). SD-WAN simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by decoupling (separating) the networking hardware from its control mechanism. A key application of SD-WAN is to allow companies to build higher-performance WANs using lower-cost and commercially available Internet access, enabling businesses to partially or wholly replace more expensive private WAN connection technologies. This event will provide an update on the latest development in SD WAN and how they can benefit business through reduced cost, improved efficiency and flexibility.<br><br>This event will cover the following subjects: - <ul><li>Overview of the common types of SD WANs</li><li>Where does SD WAN sit in the hype cycle and the Gartner magic quadrant</li><li>Specific latest developments in SD WAN:</li></ul>                 - security<br>                - programming tools/capabilities<br>                - network configuration options<br>                - where does the future lie<br><br>Attendees will also be able to view live demonstration of how an SD WAN operates.<br><br><b>PROUDLY SPONSORED BY</b><br><br><img alt="ICT Group Logo" src=";feoid=00N9000000EVCh7&amp;refid=0EM0o000003NpmO"></img>

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Mark Elliott

Mark Elliott

Mark has been at the forefront of new technology introduction in the Australian ICT industry for the past 25 years. A seasoned professional and thought leader, Mark has successfully designed and launched many new products, channels, programs and strategies for companies including Webcentral, Melbourne IT, Vodafone and Optus over the past 2 decades.Mark’s career has an impressive pedigree with many industry firsts to his credit. He has deep industry knowledge in the ICT market and has held executive and senior management positions across telecommunications, hosting, cloud, SaaS, and mobile, which gives him a unique perspective in a converging market. 

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25 Francis Street,Perth,WA,Australia