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EdXN: Andrew McAfee, Live Stream from Reimagination 2018

Business Advice We Shouldn’t Believe Anymore



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Education Across the Nation (EdXN) is a signature part of the ACS speaker series. Held quarterly on national tours, EdXN presents experts sharing topical insights about the ICT sector today and tomorrow. The event attracts ICT professionals from a wide range of international industries interested in IT networking and professional development. 

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Become a Trusted Advisor | ACS

Learn how to become a trusted advisor with Allan Baird, Strategic Information Technology Consultant.

The state of play of Australia’s start-up ecosystem

Gain insights from the 2016 Crossroads report from StartupAUS CEO, Alex McCauley.


Discover how the most successful and innovative companies use automation to digitise core processes and deliver new customer experiences.

A Disruptive Vision: Developing And Sustaining A Culture To Deliver High-Performing Transformational Projects

Learn how to align your team and build a collaborative culture to deliver successful outcomes.

Transforming the Digital Playfield - Collaboration and Gaming to Achieve Epic Wins

Gain a fresh perspective from Reimagination'17 international keynote Jane McGonigal PhD and discover the power of games.

Andrew McAfee: Reaimagination'16 Keynote

Learn from one of the world's leading authorities on the digital economy and broaden your outlook on the future.