ACS Canberra 25th Annual Conference
4 September | Hyatt Hotel Canberra

ACS Canberra Conference 2018

Quantum. Change. Disrupting Canberra.

Celebrating its 25th year, the ACS Canberra Conference will examine how established leadership, learning and technical approaches must evolve to meet the needs of our digitally transforming world. Speakers from industry, government and academia will provide valuable insights about the future of ICT in our national capital and deliver a vision that will help guide delegates through the challenges that lie ahead.


Quantum. Change. Disrupting Canberra.

Quantum. Change. Disrupting Canberra. will examine how established leadership, learning and technical approaches developed for a digital age will need to adapt to a future where a single quantum computer can exceed the combined processing power of all of today’s computers.

We look forward to hosting 300+ ICT professionals from academia, government, mixed industry, and private and not-for-profit organisations at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra on 4 September 2018.

Streams and Topics

The conference streams will engage you on:

Leadership - Fasten your seatbelt

How do we prepare for a future enabled and disrupted by quantum computing when the pace and impact of technological and social change will be far greater than what we're accustomed to?
Stream partner - Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML)

Education - Quantum Computing 101

What are the basics teachers need to know, and how is technology impacting our digital literacy? 
Stream partner - Information Technology Educators ACT  (InTEACT)  


What do quantum computing, machine learning and the Internet of Things have in common? They are making products and services safer, more efficient and useful by producing and leveraging data. But without data leadership strategy, poor data quality will constrain the effectiveness of any advances in technology.
Stream partner – Data Management Association (DAMA)

Cyber security - Quantum risk, resilience and cryptography

How do we prepare for a future where large-scale quantum computers will completely compromise the security of the internet as we know it?

Futures - Not in my lifetime

What's the future program of quantum computing, or has it already arrived? 
Stream partner – ACS Young IT

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