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Early Bird Rate now On. Register HERE!

The Australian Computer Society turns 50 this year and to celebrate the ACS Qld branch is putting on a party… conference, to celebrate Qld’s IT sector and we would love you to be part of it. It’s the only whole of IT industry conference in Queensland this year.

Titled #accessIT, the conference draws from over 30 inspirational thought leaders in the ICT sector from specialised areas such as cyber security, innovation, diversity and IT Education. Themed around a ‘back to the future’ look at software, systems and the broad technology spectrum, the conference will reflect on the past 50 years of Qld’s IT sector and provide insights into where the industry should focus its collective energies over the next couple of decades -  so not to be left behind in what will be an even more globalised, competitive and automated world. 

Come along and be part of a collective group of innovative professionals that will help shape the future of Queensland’s IT sector.

We invite you to visit  the accessIT microsite for comprehensive information about the Conference