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  • Prof Frank Hirst FACS c1969

    c1969: Listed in Australian Computer Bulletin, March 1983

  • Mr Christopher Bushell FACS 15/11/1985

    Chris Bushell has made significant original contributions to the development and application of computing in operating systems design and data base management. He has also made an excellent contribution to the integration and rationalisation of various systems design methodologies and in the effective dissemination of this knowledge in Australia via seminars, courses, and papers.

  • Prof Chris Barter FACS 22/12/1990

    Professor Chris Barter has been on the staff of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide since 1972, and was appointed Professor in 1984. He became the foundation Director of the Centre for Computer Systems and Software Engineering in 1989. His research interests are in the area of computer architecture (multi processor and distributed computers), programming languages, and artificial intelligence. He has published extensively, and has been involved in a wide range of research projects. Chris is highly respected internationally and is referee for a number of international journals and book publishers, and has been a distinguished visitor to overseas universities. He has served on a wide range of professional committees, including those of the Australian Computer Society. Within the Society he is a member of the Membership Board, Accreditation Panel, and Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems National Committee, and is interim Chairman of the National Computer Science Committee. He has chaired a number of national conferences. ACS SA Branch News: Leading Edge; April 1991

  • Prof Chris Marlin FACS 26/06/1992

    Dr Christopher Marlin who was the Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Adelaide and now the Professor and Head of the Discipline of Computer Science, Flinders University of South Australia, has demonstrated high standing in the knowledge of information technology, particularly in the area of computer science. He has been extensively involved in the development of programming languages both nationally and internationally, and this is supported by his published works and research achievements in information technology. ACS SA Branch News: Leading Edge; August 1992

  • Prof Michael Brooks FACS 30/10/1992

    Professor Michael Brooks, of the University of Adelaide, was recognised for his distinguished contribution to artificial intelligence, with particular reference to computer vision. His work in computer science is of high standing and of national and international significance. The extent of his published work is further evidence of his high standing in Information Technology.. ACS SA Branch News: Leading Edge; December 1992

  • Dr Dagmar Egen FACS 15/03/1996

    Dagmar Egen has over 25 years experience in the field of Information Technology. Her extensive management experience has embraced both the Public and Private sectors. Dagmar is the State Manager of Aspect Computing - One of Australia's oldest and largest software companies and is a Director of TechSOUTH, a South Australian based technology enterprise focusing on export. Dagmar also serves the wider South Australian community in a number of senior appointments including Deputy Chancellor of the university of South Australia. She is also a member of the South Australian Development Council and a member of the Passenger Transport Board. She has therefore made distinguished contributions to IT in South Australia and is highly respected in her field. ACS SA Branch News: Leading Edge; April 1996

  • Dr Charles Lakos FACS 18/10/1998

  • Mr Glen Heinrich FACS 15/10/1999

    Glen Heinrich has made a distinguished contribution to the field of IT in Australia through an ongoing and extensive role in the application and promotion of IT in South Australia. Over many years he has made a substantial contribution at both the strategic and operational levels in IT infrastructure within the South Australian Health Commission. Through a major role in establishing the annual Comtec exhibition and its successors he has helped provide a forum for the public to learn of the latest technologies. He has also been active in promoting cooperation across professional bodies and with the union movement.

  • Prof John Roddick FACS 20/10/2000

    John Roddick has made a distinguished contribution to the field of IT in Australia through excellence in research, outstanding leadership in education and a commitment to the promotion and development of IT, particularly in South Australia. He has made a significant contribution to IT education as Head of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of South Australia, and most recently as Professor of Information Technology at Flinders University. This contribution has extended to impact the national level though his work with the association of Professors and Heads of Computer Science. His leadership has been distinguished by a commitment to excellence and innovation. He has an outstanding research record and an international reputation in the areas of spatial and temporal databases and data mining. John has also made a very significant contribution to the promotion of IT, exemplified most recently by his editorship of the Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology.

  • Mr Bruce Linn FACS 09/11/2001

    Mr Bruce Linn has played an extensive role at a senior managerial and executive level in the development of significant companies in the local information technology industry. He has also contributed in a major way to the development of local IT industry through his directorships of Ngapartji Pty Ltd, one of the six federally funded cooperative multimedia centres, and the Playford Centre, an IT business incubator. His commitment to the importance of research and development activities in information technology is demonstrated amply by the projects and other activities he has initiated and those organisations for which he worked. At a community level, he has provided his managerial capability in information technology as Chairman of the development of a joint library network for three local government areas in South Australia.

  • Ms Brenda Aynsley FACS 21/11/2003

    Brenda Aynsley is recognised for her distinguished contribution to the promotion and adoption of Internet technologies within the community and by non-IT professionals in the earliest commercial Internet days in Australia. Ms Aynsley played a major role in helping to define the legislative frameworks regulating the Internet and its use around the country through her participation in Governmental representations and a departmental task force. Through individual and association representations to parliamentary select committees and within the ICT industry as an active member of the ACS, the Electronic Frontiers Association Inc, the South Australian Internet Association Inc and the IT Council for South Australia since 1994 she has helped shape the policies which have been implemented. Ms Aynsley has an enduring passion for the Internet and its utility as a technology which can empower users through its educative and communications reach and, as a result, provide enrichment of civil society.

  • Professor Andreas Koronios FACS 20/11/2004

    Professor Andreas Koronios has made a distinguished contribution to ICT in both academia and industry. Under Professor Koronios’s leadership, the School of Computer and Information Science at the University of South Australia has rationalised IT courses (both undergraduate and post graduate) and dramatically elevated the research profile of the School. Professor Koronios also instigated a professional doctorate and established two Cooperative Research Centres at the School. Professor Koronios has been active in the wider ICT community, furthering the efforts of the industry’s “Women in IT” initiatives, as well as playing a key role in increasing the number of indigenous students enrolled in ICT. He has authored more than 10 books in the field of ICT and produced more than three papers each year for the last five years.

  • Mr Simon Hackett FACS 30/07/2005

    Simon Hackett is one of the Internet’s true pioneers and participated in building AARNet (the Australian research and educational version of the Internet) while working at Adelaide University. He founded two successful telecommunications companies, Internode Systems and Agile, and helped drive the Coorong Communication project, which created the first significant non-Telstra data and voice networks into a major regional area. His latest project is, an ICT industry/screen media industry collaboration to promote SA screen media and visual effects work.

  • Dr Jill Slay FACS 25/11/2005

    Dr Jill Slay has been recognised for her work on ICT Security and Risk Management, particularly in relation to unauthorised use of wireless networks and aspects of forensic computing; and for her leadership in the development of ICT courses in South East Asia. Ms Slay has also developed innovative collaborative relationships both within Australia and internationally with a focus on forensic tool usage, cultural models and security architectures.

  • Professor Emeritus Reginald Paul Coutts FACS 25/11/2005

    Professor Emeritus Reginald Paul Coutts is best known for his work in digital communications within Telstra, university education and industry. A pioneer in the field of digital and mobile communications technologies in Australia, Professor Coutts is an internationally recognised authority. He established the Centre for Telecommunications Information Networking (CITN) at the University of Adelaide and has led the development of other major initiatives, including the Smart Internet CRC, m.Net Corporation, and Innovation Lab Australia.

  • Ms Linda Zeelie FACS 26/05/2006

    Linda Zeelie is recognised for her distinguished contribution to the development and promotion of software engineering excellence in configuration management and project management for the Small Business Sector. As a senior ICT executive she has, over the last decade, been a strong role model for girls and young women and has, in more recent times, mentored tertiary students and graduates

  • Mr Ralph Leonard FACS 17/11/2006

    Ralph Leonard has made an outstanding contribution to the development of ICT education in schools both through consulting roles with governments and his involvement with the Science and Maths Teachers groups, Computers in Education Group, South Australia (CEGSA) and the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) over an extended period of time. Mr Leonard has been a strong supporter of computers in education curriculum and programs. Mr Leonard has had an active role in supporting the ACS Community Affairs Board as both an SA Branch representative and Deputy Chair of the National Computers in Education Committee (NCEC) for much of the past decade, as a former President of CEGSA and been an active member of the Australian Council for Computers in Education.

  • Prof Zbigniew Michalewicz FACS 25/05/2007

    In his short time in Australia since 2004, Professor Zbigniew Michalewicz has had an impact nationally on both the IT industry and IT education with his innovation in the teaching and application of Adaptive Business Intelligence (ABI). ABI has been accepted into the Australian curriculum working with the ACS.

  • Mr Allan Baird FACS 19/12/2010

    Allan Hunter Baird has in his career consistently promoted ICT in business and the community through a wide range of involvements, and worked tirelessly to align business and educational objectives. He has a history of extending boundaries, from his innovative work in the fledgling areas of office automation and collaborative systems to more recently providing leadership in senior consulting management roles both locally and internationally within the Hewlett-Packard organisation, creating innovative approaches in the adoption of new and emerging technologies, and taking a prominent role in the promotion of ICT through his contributions at the University of South Australia.

  • Dr David Lindley FACS 19/12/2010

    David Lloyd Lindley has made a distinguished contribution to information technology as an educator both in the public and private sectors. After fifteen years as a practitioner and eight as an academic David was responsible for over 1,200 students in 13 locations studying through 8 education providers in 7 countries. As a consultant he gained Registered Training Organisation status for the ACS and later as an employee developed ACSEducation into a significant private-sector education provider. David has created a program for early career professionals recognised by an international accreditation panel as leading all other ICT professional associations in the World.

  • Ms Jo Stewart-Rattray FACS 17/08/2012

    Jo has more than 25 years’ experience in ICT, with over half of that time spent in the field of Information Security. She has also been instrumental in promoting the critical role of ICT in business today as part of her mission to advance ICT professionalism. Jo is highly sought after for her consultancy skills, providing strategic advice to organisations across a number of sectors. She has contributed to cutting edge international research initiatives to examine cultural issues in leadership and developed highly effective business models within the information security sphere. Throughout her career, Jo has worked to develop strong, collaborative and mutually beneficial business relationships between professional bodies such as ISACA and the ACS.

  • Professor Bruce Thomas FACS 1/12/2014

    Professor Bruce Thomas is a world recognized researcher in advanced human-computer interaction in the field of wearable computers and augmented reality. He is a pioneer in research in outdoor augmented reality developing the world’s first outdoor augmented reality game, ARQuake. He has also played a leading tole in the development of a major Spatial Augmented Reality research facility, a state-of-the-art $3 million projector- based Visualization Laboratory, the largest of its kind in the world. He has led the transition of LiveSpaces (a major ubiquitious workspace technology) to the Australian Defence Deployable Joint Forces Headquarters, and the development of the Multi- Pointer XServer (MPX) that is currently integrated into the XOrg X distribution. MPX is now part of the X Window graphical user interface software, in all major Linux distributions. He is currently a NICTA Fellow has a significant number of publications, research projects and a number of patents against his name.

  • Mr Kenn Dolan FACS 1/12/2014

    Mr Kenn Dolan has made a significant contribution in the field of project management in the information technology space. He has been instrumental, locally and throughout the Asia-Pacific, in raising awareness of the influence project management has on the effectiveness of ICT investments, and has developed and taught both online subjects ACS CPe Program, and for ICT Programs at Australian Catholic University. FPMS, a consulting firm with a staff of 12 specialising in portfolio, program and project management , and has been active in the work of the Project Management institute.

  • Phil Ingerson FACS 26/10/2015

    Phil Ingerson MACS (Snr) has made a distinguished contribution to the ICT profession through his active participation in and leadership of various boards and committees that have had effective and positive influence on innovation and policy in ICT at the whole of State level. He served the State in an advisory capacity leading the IT Council for SA for five years, the Ministerial Information Economy Advisory Board and in his role as Chair of Innovation Sub-committee to the Advisory Board for School of IT and Mathematics UniSA since 2013 has influenced the innovation agenda leading to better graduate outcomes for university students.

  • Associate Professor Raymond Choo FACS 08/04/2016

    Associate Professor Raymond Choo has made a distinguished contribution to ICT in the fields of computer security and in particular anti-money laundering, cyber and information security, and digital forensics. He holds three patents provisionally in digital forensics and mobile application security. Associate Professor Raymond Choo has developed in-depth expertise across a range of security challenges and his work is widely cited. His opinions on and expertise in cyber-crime and cyber security are regularly published in the media and he hold honorary positions with a number of national and global professional bodies.

  • Professor Richard Constantine 26/10/2016

    Professor Richard Constantine has made a distinguished contribution to ICT in the higher education sector. Richard is highly regarded as a change manager particularly in the areas of student and teaching experience and his leadership has been distinguished by a strong commitment to excellence and innovation. During his time at Swinburne University, Richard oversaw the introduction of the first total-coverage wireless network in an Australian university. Whilst at Flinders University, Richard drove the transformation of IT services and ICT infrastructure through the introduction of the Digital Campus strategy. Richard’s expertise has been sought both in the higher education sector and beyond. Richard was awarded both the South Australian and the Australian CIO of the Year award in 2014 by the Australian Information Industry Association. In 2016, Richard was appointed as a Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Digital Technologies at Victoria University, where he has both ultimate strategic and operational responsibility for all technology related matters.

  • John Sanders 12/04/2017

    John Sanders has made a distinguished contribution to the IT Profession through his pioneering development of technologies for international commodity trading and his participation in education programs for enterprise architecture and related disciplines. John was responsible for technology developments enabling global management of commodity exchange trading including the first such system in China. Over 50 banks worldwide continue to use the systems he created. He has contributed in voluntary roles to important SA Government initiatives in information technology and as Accreditation Committee Chair for the Adelaide campus of Carnegie Mellon University. He continues to play a central creative role in the development of simulation exercises to prepare university students for professional practice in industry.

  • Jack Burton 12/04/2017

    Jack Burton has made a distinguished contribution to the field of ICT in open source software and promoting Australian technology innovation. His deep understanding of open source software is widely recognised and his successful strategic leadership of key open source software bodies has been exemplary. In particular, in the public policy arena he has been heavily involved in both submissions to national government on international trade and copyright & patent law over several years and has been called as an expert witness. He is a strong supporter of professionalism in ICT and has propagated his views widely amongst industry and since Jack practices what he preaches he has exposed all of his customers to professional practice in his business.

  • Dr Anastasia Kuusk 12/04/2017

    Dr Anastasia Govan-Kuusk has made distinguished contributions to information and communication technology in the field of professional ICT practice. As an academic and practicing professional, Anastasia has been active in several professional societies at a senior level over the past decade or so which has been the means by which she has been able to actively guide young practitioners and professionals. Dr Govan - Kuusk was also the inaugural member and facilitated the setup of the Australia-Japan Foundation Professions Exchange in which IT professionals still participate annually. Her continual drive to promote the profession is evidenced by the many publications that have profiled her contributions on a wide range of topics, as well as significant awards and grants she has attracted from bodies such as the Project Management Institute, the Northern Territory Research and Innovation Board and Professions Australia.

  • Malcolm Hill 22/06/2018

    Malcolm has been regarded as the Grandfather of Information Technology in South Australia. He has made a distinguished contribution to ICT in the field of information technology management and industry development particularly of opensource technologies. Malcolm’s work with a state government in the early days of ICT provided the principles that formed the basis for IT management across that government. He has served as a mentor to companies in entrepreneurship and worked as a joint-venture capital partner within the telecommunications sector. Malcolm’s promotion and support of the nascent opensource industry and the production of position papers informing government and business of the benefits of a vibrant technology sector has been recognised widely.

  • Chris Radbone 12/09/2019

    Mr Christopher Radbone has made a distinguished contribution in the areas of governance, privacy protected sharing of data, service management and standardisation through his passion and capacity to engage and influence organisations and government policy. Mr Radbone’s passion and dedication has earned him the nickname of ‘Mr ITIL’ for his distinguished contribution to influencing and building the professional capacity of particularly SA government. As inaugural itSMF SA Branch Chair he successfully established itSMF’s presence in SA, proactively influencing the adoption of IT Service Management through quarterly ACS/itSMF Service Management special Interest Groups, and nationally with the Standards Australia IT Governance Committee IT-030-05. The IT-030-05 committee evaluated BS15000 strengths and weaknesses for managing IT services, making the case for its adoption firstly as Australian Standard (AS8018) and then International Standard (ISO/IEC 20000). Mr Radbone’s focus on empowering organisational performance through data sharing and NT DataLink has informed decision makers by enabling innovative, public, good research and analysis which has resulted in legislative regulatory changes. He is considered a national leader designing and implementing privacy protecting technologies for sharing people’s sensitive data. On ACS’s Data Sharing Committee, he continues to contribute his passion for social justice, public value, data science and security. Mr Radbone has also made a distinguished consistent contribution to the Australian Computer Society over the past 21 years and from 2013 on the SA Branch Executive as Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer.