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Professional Development

Continued Professional development is the pathway to success in the digital economy. ACS Members have access to education, training and events to help them discover new opportunities, learn new skills and develop existing skills to advance their career. The ACS take your professional development very seriously and are with you at every stage of your journey.

The ACS delivers a diverse range of products and services including:

Our learning content is designed to respond to changing organisation and individual needs. Whether it is instructor-led ICT training or learning about programming languages and platforms via a self-paced online video, the ACS has a solution for you.

Custom Training for your Organisation

ACS can design professional development programs for your organisation on a variety of ICT professional, management and operations topics to companies in a range of industries.

A program is customised to suit your organisation needs, delivering quality instruction and value. Browse our list of courses, programs and videos.

Complete the custom program training form to get the process started.

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