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Meet and share experiences with other newcomers to the industry at workshops and social events.

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Young IT

ACS Young IT (YIT) organise and run events and programs specifically targeted to young, up and coming professionals.

Some of the events and programs we run include local career days, soft skill and technical seminars, networking opportunities and social events in each state. We also organise the Annual Young ICT Professionals Conference (YITCon).

Our YIT group gives you the chance to meet and share experiences with other newcomers to the industry at seminars and social events. You can also seek advice, make lifelong friendships and play an organisational role on the Young IT Board to help inspire others like yourself.

If you are passionate about ICT and would like to make an active contribution to the profession, get involved with your local YIT committee.

Being part of YIT gives you access to:

  • YITCon - an internationally renowned annual networking gathering of Young IT Professionals, Graduates and Students.
  • Access to the most innovative ICT practitioners in the country
  • Job and career opportunities
  • ACS Foundation scholarships to work in the top companies in Australia
  • Management experience including strategic planning, project management, and government lobbying
  • Challenging yourself and make lifelong friendships. 
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