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Join Now

You can join the ACS by selecting the appropriate application form below.

Standard Application 

If you are not a student or recent graduate, you can complete the Standard Application.

If you are currently studying full time, please complete the Student Application.

If you have completed an ICT qualification within the last 12 months, please complete the Graduate Application. You will be asked to provide a copy of your academic transcript as part of this application.

PPP Application
If your employer is part of the Professional Partnership Program and has offered you ACS membership, they will be able to provide you with their PPP application link. Alternatively, you can email the PPP Management Team.

Past Members
If you have previously been an ACS Member, you should apply for a Reinstatement by completing this form and forwarding it to Member Services. When you apply for reinstatement, you will retain your previous equivalent membership grade.

For full details of membership eligibility criteria, view the ACS Membership Guidelines.

Note: you initially join as an Associate and will need to be certified to enter a professional membership grade.

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