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The ACS provides official certification to ICT professionals.

Membership Grades
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All ACS members must satisfy the criteria for admission set out in the ACS Membership Guidelines.

AssociateAn ACS Associate is at the entry level and open grade of the ACS. Individuals in this grade may be a member of the ACS who has not applied or has not met the criteria for ACS certification, a student, a graduate from an institute not accredited by the ACS, or a non-technical individual employed in the ICT industry (e.g. sales and marketing).

MemberAn ACS Member (MACS) is a person who has been certified as either a Certified Technologist (CT) or Certified Professional (CP) and satisfies the Society that he or she has acquired the Core Body of Knowledge through demonstrated equivalence and adheres to the ACS Code of Ethics.

Senior MemberAn ACS Senior Member (MACS Snr) has been in professional practice for at least 10 years and has been in a Senior ICT Management position for at least five years. They have also qualified for Certified Professional (CP).

FellowAn ACS Fellow (FACS) has made a distinguished contribution to the field of Information and Communications Technology in Australia and is a member of the professional division of the ACS. To nominate a fellow, download the ACS Fellow Nomination Form and ACS Fellow Nomination Guidelines.  

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