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ACS Member Fees
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Fee schedule for new and current members:


Living within Australia 
(incl. GST)

Living outside Australia

Associate, Member, Senior Member, Fellow



Full-time Student Concession



1st Year Graduate Concession



2nd Year Graduate Concession



Unemployed Concession



Retiree Concession



Certification Application Fee



Fees current as from 1st January 2016

Membership Concession Fees

A member who falls into any of the following categories is eligible for a concession on the annual membership subscription fee.

  • Retired: You are a retired member if you have been a financial full fee paying member of the ACS continuously for 10 years and have retired from all regular employment. This is a permanent concession. Should you return to paid work you must notify the ACS in writing so that your retired membership status can be changed. Normal benefits and services apply.
  • Not Currently in Employment: You are a Not Currently in Employment member if you have been a financial full fee paying member of the ACS continuously for at least two years and are unable to work due to circumstances such as unemployment, disability, ill health or parental obligation. Normal benefits and services apply.
  • Continuing: You are a Continuing member if you have been a financial full fee paying member of the ACS continuously for at least two years and expect to be out of Australia for a period of greater than 12 months. No benefits or services will be available; this is effectively placing your membership on hold.
  • Post Graduate Student: You are a Post Graduate Student if you have been a financial full fee paying member of the ACS continuously for at least two years and are undertaking full time post graduate studies at an Australian institution, such studies to be directly related to the ICT industry. Written evidence from the Institution confirming full time status is required (e.g. a copy of enrolment confirmation). Student benefits and services apply.

To apply online: My Concession Application.

Reciprocal Service Benefits A reciprocal service benefits scheme exists between the ACS and the overseas societies listed below. If you are a current financial full fee paying member (not including any discounted membership fees) of one of these societies, you are eligible for a 20 per cent discount on the ACS annual full membership fee.

  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • British Computer Society
  • Canadian Information Processing Society
  • Computer Society of India
  • Computer Society of Pakistan
  • Computer Society of South Africa
  • Computer Society of Sri Lanka
  • Hong Kong Computer Society
  • Malaysian National Computer Confederation
  • Institute of IT Professionals NZ (formerly NZ Computer Society)
  • Singapore Computer Society

Note: The discount only applies where the ACS is the second society you are joining or renewing and you are a current full fee membership holder with the reciprocal society. The discount only applies where your membership with that society commenced before your joined the ACS. Evidence of your current financial status with your first society is required each year when renewing your subscription to claim this discount.



  • Total fee consists of an annual membership subscription fee which is non-refundable, however, if for some reason the application does not proceed or ACS membership is not granted, the membership fee may be refunded. Membership applications will not be addressed until the total fee payment has been processed or a periodic payment authority has been lodged with the ACS.
  • To be eligible for classification as a student, a person must be enrolled full time in any acceptable course.
  • The recent graduate offer is only applicable to those who apply within 12 months of completing a relevant ICT qualification. Those who have studied a course which has been accredited as a Professional level course through ACS course accreditation or through the Seoul Accord will also be assessed for suitability as a Certified Technologist (CT).
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