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Management Committee

At the top of the ACS structure is the ACS Management Committee which, within bounds set by the Associations Incorporations Act and the Society's Objects, Rules and National Regulations, controls and manages the Society.

ACS Management Committee consists of the National Office Bearers (President, three Vice Presidents, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, National Treasurer), as well as the Chief Executive Officer and four National Congressional Representatives.

The manner of election of these office holders is described in the Society's Rules and Regulations.


Congress is an advisory body to ACS Management Committee and consists of the National Office Bearers, the Directors, the Congressional Representatives, the Chief Executive Officer and, if any, the Co-opted Congress Members.


(a) may determine directions and policies for the Society, and
(b) elects the Elected National Office Bearers, and
(c) elects the Directors, and
(d) provides advice to ACS Management Committee, at its own instigation and/or at the request of ACS Management Committee, on strategic planning and otherwise for the betterment of the Society.


ACS Management Committee has the task of creating Boards to deal with specific areas of Society interest and Congress appoints Board Directors.

Chief Executive Officer

Day to day management is in the hands of a Chief Executive Officer, appointed by the ACS Management Committee, with a National Secretariat of permanent staff.

Branches and Overseas Group

There are Branches of the Society in every state and territory. Each branch is controlled and managed by an ACS Branch Executive Committee operating under and constituted as set out in the National Regulations.

There is also an Overseas Group controlled and managed by the ACS Management Committee.

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